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Hot & Spicy!

If “Flavor” and “Heat” had a baby, its name would be: “Now It’s Done” Hot Multi-Purpose Seasoning Mix!

“Now It’s Done” Seasonings has married its signature, uniquely flavored seasoning mixes to a “Heat” element that will give users great flavor with a “Kick”!

  Not just “Hot” for the sake of being “Hot”

“Now It’s Done” Seasonings did not create these Hot & Spicy blends for consumers to have “can you stand the heat” challenges, we’ve created them for those who desire flavorful food dishes with a distinctive “heat” element present!

You know that old saying: “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out the kitchen”? “Now It’s Done” wanted to formulate a hot mix that makes you want to stay “In” the kitchen to produce flavorful meals!


Mission Accomplished!