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“To Be” (Salty), “Or Not To Be” (Salty)…“That Is The Question”!

For thousands of years, humankind has used salt in an effort to enhance the flavor of their foods. However, on far too many occasions, too much salt was added, which would render a food dish “too salty” for the consumer to enjoy as much as it was intended to be enjoyed.

“Now It’s Done” Seasonings has formulated a carefully crafted Low Salt Seasoning Mix that makes it almost impossible to “over salt” your food dishes (this Seasoning Mix contains less than 15% total sodium content)!

 So when you use our Low Salt Seasoning Mix, rest assure that if you get a little “heavy handed” when adding our Seasoning Mix to your dish, that you will only be adding extra tasteful flavoring to your dish, and Not “over salting” it!

*Total Sodium content verified by: Medallion Labs/ Minneapolis, MN./ August 2020*